Fogging is an effective way to completely disinfect your home or business and it can be carried out on a reactive or planned regular basis. The process is quick and causes minimal disruption.

An area does not need to be sealed-off and sanitation by fogging takes only a short time depending on the room size. However, to avoid disruption and any risk of allergic reactions, the area needs to be cleared of people. The premises need to be left with all doors and windows closed for a couple of hours before reusing after the treatment has been completed.

3 main questions a facilities manager or business owner must ask

(before starting a business up again after the coronavirus Covid 19 epidemic)

  • How quickly can I get the business up and running again?
  • Are our premises free of the virus and are surfaces safe to touch again?
  • What hygiene procedures and infection control measures do I need to put in place?

Your regular cleaners or cleaning service will need to keep this highly infectious virus under control and a higher level of expertise may be required.

The following steps are taken when eco-mist is sanitising a business:

  • Initial free consultation - all visits are pre-arranged
  • A risk assessment of the work  – COSHH can be supplied
  • Decontamination treatment plan is made with management
  • Staff training for procedures to follow before and after our visit
  • Touch-point cleansing using product licensed for a range of viruses including Covid 19
  • Decontamination by intensive ULV Fogging
  • On-going support and advice as business reopens
  • Eco-mist workers wear full personal protective equipment

All visits made by eco-mist are conducted under strict observance of Government guidelines and social distancing conditions will be observed during the visit.

Decontamination for business premises

We can cover all areas associated with a business including corridors, lobbies, stairwells, lifts, kitchens, reception areas and meeting rooms.

Firstly, we pay special attention to wiping disinfectant on high contact surface areas at hand-touch level within everyday reach of people such as stair rails, hand rails, grab rails, door handles, telephones, cash-points, petrol pumps, rubbish bins, kitchen and dining surfaces, taps, kitchen utensils, toilet flushes, recycling areas, supermarket trolley areas and even vehicles used for storage and stacking.

All doors and windows are closed before the next step in our service which is called chemical fogging, whereby a fine mist or fog is sprayed to reach all areas in a room by our mobile fogging unit that can be used in a multitude of environments.

This method has been used routinely for many years in the food industry and to industrial businesses that have become contaminated with a high concentration of pathogenic material. The unique treatment reduces the numbers of airborne micro-organisms and applies disinfectant to surfaces that are impossible to reach otherwise.

The special machine we use saturates the atmosphere with a mist of an approved high-level surface disinfectant (commonly known as ‘Fogging’) for a minimum of 15–30 minutes which enables the mist to disperse and create a chemical reaction. After the treatment, an additional period of 1 to 2 hours is required to allow the droplets to settle onto all surfaces.

Infection Control

We all understand the government’s important advice on hand-washing, not touching your face and avoiding close contact with others. But regularly cleaning all surfaces often with a thorough hygiene, cleaning and disinfection regime is imperative for infection control in any business environment during the coronavirus COVID-19.

It has been found that coronavirus Covid 19 can live on some hard surfaces and be active for up to 28 days. Cardboard packaging can harbour the virus for 24 days and it is not yet known how long the virus can survive on softer materials such as clothing and upholstery surfaces.

Eco-Mist Anti-virus disinfection service will help curb infection within your business and also provide a safe working space too. Areas contaminated with body fluids such as urine, human faeces or vomit will need deep cleaning by a specialist cleaning company. Fluids of this type can penetrate porous materials which standard cleaning methods cannot reach. We can arrange through our contacts within the trade for the specialist company to do this for you.

Decontaminating large spaces

Ultra-low volume (ULV) disinfection fogging is the ideal solution for combating airborne pathogens because the fogging machine generates a cloud of very small droplets of liquid disinfectant into the air. By using this method, biocides and disinfectant in the solution can significantly reduce the number of pathogens in the air and on all surfaces as the droplets settle on top of and the sides of objects in the room. ULV fogging is a very fast method of disinfection which enables the decontamination of large areas in a short space of time, and this helps to rapidly break the chain of infection.

Safely return a business to normal use

Areas contaminated by the coronavirus Covid 19 can quickly return back to normal usage after cleaning and disinfecting with the eco-mist fogging machine. Using our professional disinfection service is an essential measure for premises managers and business owners because we have the most appropriate tools and products.

After the treatment, business managers can be assured that disinfection and cleaning has been completed using approved safety procedures, products and tools which are compliant with health and safety regulations. Our Certificate will reassure all customers, visitors and staff that your business is maintaining high standards of hygiene, and that the premises are as safe as before the coronavirus epidemic started.

We pride ourselves on our relationship with the local businesses in our community.

Let’s beat this together!